Life Update; Acne, Saving & Debt

HIYA BEBS. Not done one of these in a while. So what's been happening? ONE I went back to doctors last month with my acne, it had gotten to a point again where I was so upset about the way I looked. I get so frustrated and I'm like lol 26 still acne, pls can I … Continue reading Life Update; Acne, Saving & Debt


4 Everyday Faves

METHOD CLEANER Every YouTuber and their aunts cousins pet hamster has been chatting on about this. I know I know, it's a antibacterial cleaner, not exactly the most exciting stuff. However when you've had your kitchen counters smell of rhubarb you don't go back. Anything that motivates me a little bit more to stop watching … Continue reading 4 Everyday Faves