Why Acne Is Just An Absolute Dick

No I don't mean actual dicks on your face. Cos I don't need that. I've had acne for what feels like 576124 years. It's probably actually about 12 years since I was about 13. I know most people have acne at some point in their life, its just part and parcel of growing up/ hormones … Continue reading Why Acne Is Just An Absolute Dick


The Darth Maul Face Mask

UMM. From the get go, this hasn't actually got anything to do with Star Wars/Darth Maul/George Lucas/Disney...please don't sue me Disney. soz. The Ordinary hype is just so real, every bloody person is slapping pipettes full of product they can't pronounce on their face. Y'know what? I totally joined in and threw every last penny … Continue reading The Darth Maul Face Mask