REVIEW//L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Back in the day when MySpace was still a thing, and wearing foundation on your lips was where it was at. I used to love the L’Oreal True Match foundation, it was one of the only foundations that suited my pale, very pale skin. It covered all my acne, and I could still afford that 8723823th trip to the chinese buffet that kept me going through University. Then those naughty people at L’Oreal changed the formula and it was well….a bit shit. I found it powdery, drying and made me looked like a me like a total plonk.
They changed the formula changed a while ago and I have fell back in love with this beauty. Like all L’Oreal foundations, they suit paler skin, they blend in well to my natural skin colour, and I never look like I’ve face planted a wotsit. L’Oreal and Rimmel always get it right, and are my go-to brands for paler skin.
I apply mine with a wet real techniques blender, it blends so easily, its easy to build up coverage. I could probably get away with not using concealor, but when my skin decides to have a break down, and a few angry spots decide to pop up I add a touch of my lasting perfection concealor and I’m fully covered. I recently wore this foundation to a family get together…it was a first birthday party…that turned into sitting under a gazebo at 10pm in the rain whilst everyone drank more and more. That aside, I didn’t have to touch up once, it lasted all day, I’m super impressed. I set it with Rimmel’s stay matte powder, but the coverage stayed and didn’t wear off.
This is now my go-to foundation for day to day use. It makes me look less like a potato….I’m all about that for £9.99.




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