First Impressions//The Ordinary Skincare

I feel my skincare has been on a weird and wonderful journey.

At the beginning a wipe used to do, normally a supermarket own brand…for the grand sum of £1. If I ran out or was staying out like the dirty tramp I am, I would use a Andrex wipe. I’M SO ASHAMED. I then started getting into Micellar , which I’m still a fan of now. The more I watched YouTube, read blogs, researched into skincare, I realised I was pretty much being an absolute dick to my skin. Now I’m totally passionate about my skin, and I love trying new products.

After reading Caroline Hiron’s blog. GOD I WANT HER TO ADOPT ME. I wanted to get on the acid.

I decided on;

Hyuluronic Acid 2% + B5

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

Natural Moisurising Factors + HA

I decided on these after researching about The Ordinary, and reading about acids. I think they are a good place to start until I learn what suits my skin. Plus they have a small range on ASOS so you can use your premier account to get them delivered. WIN.

First off I love the price. I’m not rolling in money, the products above cost me £15, which I think is a bargain considering how long the acids will last. The packaging is nice, simple easy to use, easy to travel with, I do predict the white labels, and pipettes will get absolutely rotten especially if your planning to travel with them regularly, but hey you can’t have everything. 

Ive spent today waiting patiently for the DPD man to bring my box of goodies from ASOS, and now they’ve finally come, I’m so happy with them all. I’ve just used them for the first time, I’ve have overhauled my skin care routine to accomdate these new additions, I followed Caroline’s routie guide here. I’m so impressed. I can’t wait to see what they do for my skin, I’m especially looking forward to seeing if the salicylic acid can be an absolute babe and clear up my skin. 



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