7 Essential Blog Photography Props

I thought I would put together a list of the photography props I use on my blog, and those which I find essential in making my photographs look like I know what the F@#k I’m doing. These props don’t have to cost the earth and they have made a big difference to my blog photographs. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a fancy camera or fancy lights, I use natural light and a standard point and shoot.


I currently use a white canvas to take a lot of pictures. You can pick up a canvas or foamboard from Hobbycraft for cheap. You can get sticky back film from plenty of sellers  on eBay which have loads of different effects and colours on them, you can stick those to some perspex sheets and you’ve got a background ready to go.


The fancier the better, magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan. These pride themselves on beautiful pictures, adverts and writing, they are stunning to look at and they are extremely versatile to have in your photos. Grab a few and you can re-use again and again in plenty of photos…and everyone will think you a classy sassy gal who reads Vogue.


Duel use. YAY! Nail varnishes come in so much variety of colour they look great dotted around your cheeky flatlay tying some colours together. Plus you can paint your nails with them too. WIN.


Little tid bits of jewellery from Primark, so cheap and they are good to have to give the images a little bit of something extra. When I started I just put a lipstick on a plain background, and looking back it just looked a bit boring. So I always add a few pieces and it just makes the images look more ‘real’.


Fake or real. I tend to use fake as they are easier to keep around the house for whenever I need them. Nothing says Instagram more than some beauty products with a couple of flowers thrown in.


It’s extremely difficult to make nail varnishes look classy on Asda bedding with cats on. I have tried and failed miserably. So I tend to throw over a white bed sheet (In real life a white bed sheets would be covered in cat hair and Dorito stains) and it makes your photos look effortlessly cool. Oh look I just threw all this stuff randomly on my bed, I didn’t just spend the last 45 minutes trying to arrange flowers, rings, and cotton wool on a god damn bed sheet.


Now I’m not talking about those plastic boards that you get in Tesco for £1.99. Wooden, marble, slate, anything that looks like an array of cheese would look extremely classy on. They are good for layering up images especially on white or marble backgrounds, bang a magazine and a bit of jewellery on it and you’re done!




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