5 Things// I’m Loving Right Now 


I have watched the entire 6 seasons again, I don’t particularly know why, I think I was just bored one Sunday afternoon, and nothing would brighten it like seeing Joffrey’s little face light up my screen. Watching it this time round has really helped me understand the characters and who is who. Don’t get me wrong i still have a f#*king clue who some people are and why they are getting involved over some stupid chair, but I understand better than I did.


My cat decided to go on a quick trip off somewhere. Where? I don’t know. I was walking the streets in my Syltherin hoodie, shaking a packet of dreamies, ‘ch-ching’ in the rain.  I looked a tit. After lying in my bed, looking up cat GPS’, and thinking the worst. At around 1am, my boyfriend woke me up and the little sod was stood there happy as Larry.  I dont know where he had been, what he had been doing. But he was home. I smushed him so much and contemplated locking the cat flap and getting a cat lead.


I think you can’t be a blogger and not like this stuff? Full fat coke is like drinking golden syrup, I love me some syrup, but the stuff tastes bloody awful. I’ve been downing Diet Coke like a mad women. I rarely drink fizzy drinks, but when I do I’m like a kid at a party, I’m drinking all the sugary stuff I can find. It’s just a shame water doesn’t taste this good!


WHAT am I, I’ve aged about 25 years. Antibacterial wipes are actually the best thing since sliced bread. Since I’ve just cleaned out the kitchen cupboards I’ve realised using a spray and a cloth is too 19th Century. The fancy ones from Dettol that smell like flowers are the shiz as well.


My face is decided that no f#*ks are given, and it’s erupting all over the show. So amongst trying to cut out sugar, eating copious amounts of salad and drinking 156284 buckets of water a day nothing is really helping. So I have been throwing the moisture boost masks on my face recently and they have said such a difference. They are a sheet mask as well there’s no scrubbing charcoal mask out of your hairline 2 days later. 


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