5 Skincare Tips I Wish I’d Known Earlier

I remember when I was younger and I started getting interested making myself look a proper grown up. I wanted blue glitter on my eyes, body glitter on my arms, and half a bottle of So…? on my Tammy Girl strappy top. I then grew up a bit more, I ditched the glitter and wanted heavy thick foundation EVERYWHERE. Foundation lips made me look so god damn sexy for the boys. But then the hormones kicked in and I started getting acne, because y’know, life sucks. My skin has been erupting ever since, I’ve learnt a lot in the past few years, and some things I wish I had known a lot earlier so I wouldn’t have put toothpaste on my spots. CRINGE.

  1. oh jeez. This is a big one CLEANSING is the most important thing a gal can do when she’s slapping on paint daily on her face. Using wipes, because they are well easy and they cost like a £1 is just pretty useless. Seeing the orange foundation come off your skin with micellar water and a cotton pad after you’ve ‘cleansed’ with a face wipe made a part of me die inside. It also made me realise that Caroline Hirons was right all along. Never doubt Hirons.
  2. CLEAN YOUR HANDS YOU SCRUBBER. Is it just me or were makeup brushes only invented in the past 7 years? Back in my day everyone applied makeup with their hands. I was there applying my dream match foundation 2 shades to dark for me with my fingers just after eating a packet of ready salted. Sigh. The amount of dirt and grime on my hands was probably enough to kill a kitten, that probably didn’t help the acne situation either. So kids, never touch your face without thoroughly washing your hands first.
  3. I went through high school smelling a combination of witchtree, hazel, tea tree and a cheeky bit of So…? thrown in for good measure so to get the boys to fancy me. The amount of ACNE TREATMENTS I use to put on my face was enough to keep Boots in business. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure at times they helped, but using specific acne treatments for all parts of your skin care regime is just going to make it dry, and even more angry.
  4. I decided not to MOISTURISE for about 5 years of my life, as I thought putting more moisture on my face would cause more acne. So I was walking round a flaky mess, looking like I had a face lift. Turns out moisturising can actually help acne, as it gives your skin the moisture it needs so it doesn’t have to make too much of its own oil. Wish I’d learnt that sooner tbh.
  5. Have some sweet PATIENCE girl. Just because you have put that clarifying mask on Monday, doesn’t mean you by Tuesday evening you’ll have skin like cleopatra.
  6. I have written a few times on here about my skin and the battles I have had with it over the years. You are a SASSY PRINCESS, whatever your skin is doing, you should love yourself when you look in the mirror. People aren’t staring at that mahoosive spot on your chin, your mind makes you think that. Everyone has bad days, they don’t care and neither should you.


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