LIFE UPDATE//Saving For A House

So after a year of living together, me and my boyfriend decided it was about time we attempted to get ourselves on the property ladder. I’d like to say we had a few grand lying around and here we are in our 5 bedroom detached house a few months later. WRONG. We have looked at our savings, that £20 is looking great in that ISA and the current housing market, and thought we can’t buy a house anytime soon.

I’m quite traditional in what I want to happen and in what order, don’t get me wrong I’m not bothered what anyone does with their life. But I would like the house, engagement, wedding, babies and in that order. Life will probably turn that on its head, and I’ll end up in an holding a baby in an estate agent whilst some bloke is on his knee shoving a shiny object in my face. But in my head I’m all about tradition, I guess it just makes me feel more secure.

I don’t know what will happen in the end, but my focus currently is house buying. Anything else that happens is a bonus. To be honest, I don’t know how people of my generation are expected to get on the property ladder without financial help from a family member. After all my rent, bills, insurance, food comes out of my wage, I’m not left with a lot of money. The amount I’m able to save would mean I’d have enough money to be a 1 bed flat in around a 5756324 years. It’s hard to be motivated when you feel you’re not getting anywhere, and you’ll be in your fifties before you’re able to afford anything.

You can’t sacrifice your life in the sake of saving. You’ve got to live a little, and buy a cheeky top from ASOS every now and again, and buy that the McVities Jaffa Cakes rather than the 49p Aldi ones. Otherwise you’re just working to exist. Even though we are told by the media repeatedly that this generation have it the easiest, we really don’t, I have struggled to find work, keep my head above water financially, and have to deal with all the negativity and hatred in this world.

I’ve found saving really de-moralising and at times I felt like giving up. I’m trying to remind myself everyday our end goal is to buy our own place, even if we can only afford a small flat somewhere, it’ll be ours. I can’t wait.


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